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Thank you for visiting,


It has been while, but finally we are ready to open

in the Capitola Mall @ Food Court.

We will keep the same menu and the same quality.

We look forward to your continued support.

See you at the Capitola Mall !!

Now, the Mall has indoor seating, and we keep the

DELIVERY SERVICE between 3-8pm.( Sun 3-7pm )

Business hours have been changed to the following

< Tuesday to Saturday >

11am to 3pm for lunch

3pm to 8:00pm for dinner

< Sunday >

11am to 3pm for lunch

3pm to 7pm for dinner

You can place your order for takeout or delivery through any of our partners.

Santa Cruz Deliveries


Uber Eats


I am deeply grateful to you for your support for many years.

I am very happy to be your supported with lot's of smiles.

I really really thank you so much .

And I will see you at the mall after March.

Koji / KAITO restaurant

In May 2014, we opened a new Japanese restaurant

in Pleasure Point. We are so exciting for doing the

new business in this great location on 41st Ave.

The concept of KAITO : " The Pursuit of Happiness "

It is our purpose to find the happiness of all people gathering in KAITO.

The goal of KAITO is " Best Hospitality Restaurant "

We aim to be the best hospitality restaurant in Santa Cruz. For that reason, we would love to hear what you think, and how you feel about our food and service. Please let us know.